Past Events

  • November Meeting 2023

    Have-a-Go Day: weft-faced weaving on a rigid heddle loom, with Angela Pawlyn Plus tea, cake, Show & Tell, and Sales Table.

  • November Workshop 2023

    Workshop: Woolen Preparation and Longdraw Spinning with James Perry aka Longdraw James James will cover the basis of a woollen yarn and will discuss differences between these and worsted yarns. He will then discuss carding technique before discussing...

  • October Workshop 2023

    Workshop: Speckle dyeing with Debbie Tomkies Spend a day with Debbie and her husband learning about colour blending and dyeing.  You’ll be making sample cards of the dyes used and taking home your wonderfully coloured fibre.  Bring your...

  • October Meeting 2023

    Talk: How to create a dyeing record and to how experiment with dye
, with Debbie Tomkies   Plus, the usual Sales Table, Show & Tell, and of course, tea and cake.

  • September Meeting 2023

    Have-a-Go Day: Bobbin Lace with Anne Hughes.   More info soon.

  • July Meeting 2023

    Have-a-Go Day: Wool Combing with Amanda Henriques. More info soon.   Please note that we do not meet in August.

  • June Workshop 2023

    Workshop: Carve your own drop spindle with David Knight and Janet Farnsworth David Knight is a very experienced Wood Bodger and will show participants how to carve their own drop spindles, tools and materials will be provided. Janet...

  • June Meeting 2023

    Talk: Textile Narratives from a Northern Land: Iceland by Delia Salter Delia will be talking about her work and experiences in Iceland.  She is an experimental knitter and also does some felting, and will have just returned from...

  • May Meeting 2023

    HAGD: Visible Mending and Embellishments with Janet Farnsworth Our Have-A-Go Day, with Guild member Janet, will show you how to make unique items from your dull, old, or damaged clothes. Also, Have-A-Go at the ancient craft of Naalbinding...

  • April Meeting 2023

    Talk: with Ellen Moore Ellen Moore is a local weaver and a graduate of woven textiles from Brighton University. She has her own creative practice weaving artwork and experimental pieces with a sustainable element. See more of Ellen’s...

  • March Meeting 2023

    AGM Bring along your wheel, loom, or other fibre projects for a social morning.  Our AGM will take place at 1am. Sales table, and afternoon tea and cake as usual.

  • February Meeting 2023

    Talk:  Some 10,000 Years of Textiles with OGWSD member Angela Pawlyn. Natural textiles normally decay quickly but, under some conditions, samples have been preserved for thousands of years. Angela will present information she has found in various sources....

  • January Meeting 2023

    De-Stash Sale January sees the return of the ALL Craft De-Stash Sale. This means any materials, equipment or finished items that members want to move on. Please ensure every item is properly packaged and clearly labelled with price...

  • December Meeting 2022

    December sees the return of our traditional Christmas Lunch meeting. Bring your projects from the past year for a collective Show and Tell. Don’t forget your entries for the Chair’s Challenge – Land and Sea!  

  • November Meeting 2022

    Have-a-Go Day: Tapestry Weaving with Amanda Henriques Amanda will bring ready warped up frames for you to use. The warps will be fairly narrow but long, so that each one could be used by two people, (in turn!)....

  • October Meeting 2022

    Talk: Spinning for Sock Knitting with Helen Burgess

  • September Workshops & Farm Visit 2022

    Diana has very kindly offered to host another wonderful Guild visit to her farm for OGWSD members. We have two mini workshops on offer, or bring your own project to work on. Please bring your own chair, lunch,...

  • September Meeting 2022

    The Science of Colour with Angela Pawlyn Angela Pawlyn will be helping us explore ‘The Science of Colour’ and our own colour perception.  In the morning Angela is planning to use a simple colour perception exercise asking people...

  • July Meeting 2022

    This month is just a good old social affair – sales table, afternoon cake, and sunshine (well, can’t guarantee the sunshine bit). Please bring a chair if you’d like to sit outside (unless you stay on the paved...

  • June Workshop 2022

    Tablet Weaving Workshop with Anne Hughes. Learn how to set up your tablets for weaving, how to read a pattern, and how to use your knowledge of practical tablet weaving to change the pattern as you weave. You...

  • June Meeting 2022

    Have-a-go day: Needle felting with Cath Smith. Create bunting using needle felting techniques – create a woodland theme, go royal or any theme you choose. Cath will bring simple pre-sewn bunting ready for you to decorate and hang!...

  • May Meeting 2022

    Have-a-go day:  It’s all happening in May!  Make Dorset buttons with Rosie and have a go at tablet weaving with Anne. If you’d like to make Dorset Buttons, please bring along a tapestry needle, anchor embroidery thread/light DK...

  • April Meeting 2022 – CANCELLED

    Unfortunately our April meeting is cancelled due to a double-booking in our usual venue.

  • March Meeting 2022

    Our AGM is at 1pm today.  The sales table is back and so is cake! Please wear a face mask when moving around the hall.  Windows will be open to provide ventilation.

  • February Meeting 2022

    Welcome back to in-person meetings! Please wear a face mask when moving around the hall.  Windows will be open to provide ventilation.

  • February Workshop 2021

    To be confirmed.

  • February Meeting 2021

    To be confirmed.

  • January Meeting 2021

    To be confirmed.

  • December Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Christmas Lunch, with a Show of Work and the Chair’s Challenge!

  • November Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Workshop: Needle felting – Funky Sheep Portrait with Cath Smith.

  • November Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Talk: Needle Felting with Cath Smith.

  • October Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Workshop: What can you do with a drum carder?  with Freya Jones.

  • October Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Have-a-Go Day: Fleece Fibre Prep with Sarah Allan.

  • September Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Workshop: Beaker Buttons with Jennifer Best.

  • September Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Talk: Beaker Buttons with Jennifer Best.

  • July Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Workshop: Acid Dyeing with Katie Weston. This is a two day workshop on acid dyeing with Katie Weston from Hilltop Cloud (   Please note: there is no meeting in August.

  • July Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Have-a-Go Day: Embellishments with Janet Farnsworth.

  • June Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Workshop: Loops, knots and inlays: weaving techniques for rigid heddle and shafted looms with Liz Mitchell.  

  • June Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Talk: Summer School and Beyond with Liz Mitchell. Guild member Liz Mitchell will give a talk on her experiences at the AGWSD Summer School 2019.

  • May Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Workshop: Spindle Spinning with Peter and Carol Leonard.

  • May Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Talk: Spindle Spinning with Peter and Carol Leonard. Peter and Carol’s website:

  • April Workshop 2020

    THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN POSTPONED.  Workshop: Tablet Weaving with Anne Hughes. This workshop will cover basic tablet weaving techniques using both threaded-in and woven patterns. Learn how to warp up and how to decipher written patterns.  Also discover...

  • April Meeting 2020

    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Talk: Willow Weaving with Deborah Jones. Deborah Jones will be giving a talk on willow weaving at 11am and will lead a have-a-go session in the afternoon.

  • March Meeting 2020

    AGM and Have-a-Go Day Our Annual General Meeting will start at 11am. In the afternoon we have a spindle have-a-go session with guild members Sarah Allan and Janet Farnsworth.

  • February Meeting 2020

    Have-a-Go Day: Rigid Heddles – not just plain weave.  With Guild members Liz Mitchell and Angela Pawlyn. Liz will show you how to add string heddles to convert a rigid heddle loom to three or four shafts. Angela will...

  • January Meeting 2020

    Talk: Textile Conservation with Alison Lister. Alison Lister is a fully accredited Textile Conservator with over 15 years experience of professional practice.

  • December Meeting 2019

    Christmas Meeting Shared Lunch and Chairman’s Challenge.

  • November Workshop 2019

    Tablet Weaving Workshop with Anne Hughes. This workshop will cover basic tablet weaving techniques using both threaded-in and woven patterns. Learn how to warp up and how to decipher written patterns.  Also discover a bit about the history...

  • November Meeting 2019

    Talk: The History and Development of Sewing Machines with Paul Verney. With 10 or 15 machines set up so that members can try sewing on them. Plus a circular sock knitting machine – a “Golden Fleece” – from the...

  • October Meeting 2019

    Have-a-Go Day: Fair Isle, Steeking and Cable Knitting with Linda Whiter and Chris Maclean.

  • September Workshop 2019

    Natural Dyeing Workshop with Judy Hardman. Judy’s Workshop day will include the use of mordants, dyes, equipment with an aim to produce a range of samples by the end of the workshop. She is aiming to teach those attending...

  • September Meeting 2019

    Speaker: An ‘Introduction’ to natural dye with Judy Hardman Judy is a long draw spinner and has been spinning, weaving and dyeing for over thirty years. She’s an expert on Natural Dyeing creating a good range of colours using...

  • July Meeting 2019

    Guild Day Out at Diana’s farm with Allan Brown Allan Brown will be joining us to talk about Nettles for Spinning.  He has many examples of how nettles are used and will show us how nettles are harvested...

  • June Meeting 2019

    Fleece Sale: Wychwood Spinners Sarah and Chris will be supplying hand picked fleece for Sale. Plus: All About the Angora Rabbit Talk on the Angora Rabbit and its wool.  Information and samples of Angora products, spinning and carding...

  • Guild Social Meeting

    On the first Sunday of the month we have a Social Meeting in the Forest Hill Village Hall from 10am to 4pm. This is purely a social meeting, so no have-a-go or speaker events – just fibre, tea...

  • May Workshop 2019

    Spinning Workshop with Katie Weston from Hilltop Cloud Spinning Hand Dyed Fibres: How to get the most from hand dyed combed top.

  • May Meeting 2019

    Talk by Katie Weston of Hilltop Cloud From Katie’s website: “From my home  in  rural mid-Wales I carefully select the best fibre I can find, add a bit of colour magic, and send it to spinners and other crafters...

  • April Meeting 2019

    Have-a-go Day: Tablet Weaving It’s all in the twist – unravel the mysteries of tablet weaving and have a go at making your own tablet woven band, with Anne Hughes.

  • March Workshop 2019

    Creative Weaving and embellishment Workshop (members lead).

  • March Meeting 2019

    AGM and display of members’ work. The AGM will begin at 11.30am.

  • February Workshop 2019

    Beautiful Cloth – Saori Weaving Workshop with Amanda Edney. BOOKING REQUIRED. Please note: this workshop is taking place at Forest Hill Village Hall.

  • February Meeting 2019

    Beautiful Cloth – Saori Weaving with Amanda Edney. Amanda will be starting her talk at 11am. SAORI weaving is weaving with no rules or restrictions. Weavers express themselves with complete freedom and creativity. SAORI weaving is about self-expression rather...

  • January Meeting 2019

    Board of Trade Design Register – Dr Dinah Eastop The Board of Trade Design Register is a huge collection of nearly 3 million designs and their registration records, dating 1839-1991. Dr Dinah Eastop has a background in textile conservation...

  • December Meeting 2018

    Christmas Lunch and Christmas Have-a-go Day. Please note that this meeting will be at Beckley Village Hall.

  • November Meeting 2018

    Andean Sling Braids – a talk by Rodrick Owen Rod Owen will be returning to us this month to share his passion for Japanese and Peruvian textiles.  Rod is an absolute expert in this field, having published a...

  • October Workshop 2018

    Needle Felted Landscapes with Catharine Smith Suitable for beginner to expert.  Learn the techniques for this easy to master craft and create a stunning picture of a landscape or seascape. Led by artist Cath Smith of Hedgehog &...

  • October Meeting 2018

    Introduction to Tapestry Weaving – Have-a-Go Day with Jill Carey Fun and Freedom Using basic small frames we will explore the main techniques of tapestry weaving.  Then we can look at ideas for simple designs and the fun...

  • September Meeting 2018

    Textiles Tell Stories: a talk by Claire Blackburn Claire, a Guild member and professional textile artist, will give a short talk about her work and practice, with particular reference to her use of textiles to record stories and...

  • July Meeting 2018

    Fleece to finished garment challenge Our July meeting will take place at Diana Bird’s lovely farm. She has very kindly offered us the opportunity to  enjoy our Guild day there again this year. There will be no meeting...

  • June Meeting 2018

    Guild Jamboree – we’re having a fun day of playing and a celebration of all things ‘us’. Please come and join us to try – dyeing sessions based on the colour triangle have a go at pin loom weaving...

  • May Meeting 2018

    UK Traditional Sheep Breeds: a brief history and their fleeces. In May we have Shaun Smith of Harcourt Rare Breeds coming to talk to us all about ‘UK Traditional Sheep Breeds: a brief history and their fleeces.’ Shaun...

  • April Meeting 2018

    Nalebinding talk plus have-a-go day, with Pauline Shelley. Pauline will give a short talk explaining what Nalebinding is and its history. She will explain how she discovered Nalebinding, and what it is that attracted her to it. Participants...

  • March Meeting 2018

    AGM  Plus Show of Work and afternoon tea.

  • February Workshop 2018

    Workshop ‘An introduction to Dyeing’ with Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft & Design. Suitable for beginner to expert, the workshop begins with making sample cards to develop skills in immersion dyeing, hue/saturation and colour blending. All participants will take...

  • February Meeting 2018

    Talk by Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft & Design.

  • January Meeting 2018

    ‘Threads of the Indus’ – a talk by Seher Mirza. The creative process and the experience of making is personal to each of us; it generates meaning in different ways. This hybrid research project and social business initiative...

  • December Meeting 2017

    Festive Christmas meeting! Don’t forget to bring in your entries for the Chair’s Challenge!

  • November Meeting 2017

    Have-a-go Day: Needle Felting with Catharine Smith and Caroline Goss. We will be showing you how to use a special kind of needle to felt a 3D sheep face onto a base which can be used to decorate a...

  • October Meeting 2017

    A History of Witney Blankets talk with Keith Crawford A talk on the processes, the history and the people of this famous local industry. Keith Crawford is a descendant of the Early blanket-making family, and worked for the...

  • September Meeting 2017

    Silk Day with Angela Pawlyn Morning: have a go at making “paper” from silk cocoon strippings using the natural gum in the silk. Afternoon: short talk on “Silk Variations” using handling packs, covering difference between reeled and spun...

  • July Meeting 2017

    My Journey with Textiles with Rod Owen. Rod Owen will be visiting us to share his passion for Japanese and Peruvian textiles.  Rod is an absolute expert in this field, having published a number of books, with another...

  • Fleece Day

    Our annual Fleece Day is open to the public – lots of fleeces to buy and things to try. Refreshments available.

  • May Meeting 2017

    Have-a-go Day: Blending and Spinning Vegetables Fibres with Linda Whiter and Janet Farnsworth. Using drum and hand carders, participants will be able to try preparing a variety of vegetable, seed and leaf fibres (supplied), making small batts and...

  • April Meeting 2017

    A change to our usual Saturday due to Easter. Have-a-go Day: 3D Knitting, plus spinning hints and tips with Janet Farnsworth and Linda Whiter. Learn how to make amazing 3D knitted shapes, including pots, with Janet Farnsworth. A great opportunity...

  • March Meeting 2017

    Show of Work, AGM & Afternoon Tea.

  • February Meeting Extra 2017

    Workshop with Jill Shepherd – ‘Spinning for a Purpose’.  This is a directed workshop to enable you to spin for specific projects.

  • February Meeting 2017

    Talk by Jill Shepherd followed by a workshop with Jill on the Sunday. Jill’s talk is entitled ‘Cycles in Handcraft’ and is a brief look at domestic handcraft from the practice of hand spinners, weavers and knitters in the...

  • January Meeting 2017

    Have-a-go Day: “Finishings”: Set a skein, block an item, finish your weaving.

  • December Meeting 2016

    Christmas Meeting:  Chair’s Challenge Display of work and Christmas Shared Lunch.

  • November Meeting Extra 2016

    Workshop with Alison Daykin – Spinning Fun and Funky Art Yarns. Learn how various techniques and irregularities at different stages in processing can influence the look and handle of the yarn. Participants will be encouragied to be daring,...

  • November Meeting 2016

    Talk by Alison Daykin: “Romanian Textiles”. Alison is co-author of the book ‘Creative Spinning’.  More information on her website

  • October Meeting 2016

    Have-a-go Day – Weft faced weaving on a rigid heddle loom A change to our published programme. Experiment with weft faced weaving on a rigid heddle loom under Angela’s guidance. The warp is set at about 4 threads...

  • September Meeting 2016

    Have-a-go day.

  • July Meeting – Summer Meeting “On the Farm” 2016

    Diana Bird has very kindly invited us back to her family farm this year. Weaving is the activity this year and weaving with a difference but more details nearer the time. The day will be run on similar...

  • June Meeting – Festival of Fibre 2016

    This is the day we open to the public to show them the very reason we are all so excited about our crafts. The plan at this stage is to have our usual sale of fleeces, demonstrations of...

  • May Meeting 2016

    Talk by Alain Rouveure “Tibetan Rugs in Exile” Alain Rouveure runs a Gallery just outside Moreton in Marsh where he has a treasure trove of handmade crafts from the peoples of the Himalayas. He is coming to the...

  • April Meeting 2016

    STASH SALE followed by talk on Colour by Janet Farnsworth.

  • AGM 2016

    Show of work.  Afternoon tea.