2015 – What to do with all this?


What to do with all this?

Here is a selection of the items made in response to the Chair’s Challenge – “What to do with all this” – making use of the scraps, waste and leftover bits from finished projects.

2015-12-19 12.20.58 2015-12-19 12.21.07

DSCF4757 2015-12-19 12.24.59


Leftovers, scraps, waste, these are all things our core skills leave us with and it seems a shame not to use these up.

So our challenge this year is to do just that.

You may make anything, big or small but it must include bits left from our core skills: ie loom waste, old dyes/dyestuffs, hackle waste, samples, failures or small bits of fluff/bobbin waste.

Be Inventive. Be Brave. Be Inspired.

Share or swap your bits with each other.  Work with another or group of friends to make a bigger item.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Old dyes/dyestuffs: overdye or use to knock back bright or garish colours, colour paper/buttons/wood or feathers, use to dye a range of bits to co-ordinate them, mix together to make a new colour.
  • Weaving: sew small bits together to make a larger piece, cut samples into strips and use rugging, braiding or weaving techniques, use loom waste to embroider, make tassels/pom-proms or make buttons.
  • Spinning: card or comb various bits of fluff together to make multicoloured yarn, spin bobbin waste together to create a colourful new yarn, try felting, embroidery or simple weaving with scraps of hands pun, shred tiny bits of hand spun and recard with other waste to make a textured yarn.

Further suggestions from members:

  • felted beads made from bits of wool that are too short and fluffy to spin … Double cuts etc.
  • felt larger samples and cut into circles and use under bobbins on a Lazy Kate to regulate the flow of yarn.
  • roll strips of woven samples or knitted hands pun to make beads and embroider with lengths of loom waste.