Next Meeting:

Saturday 20 January 2018,  10am – 4pm

‘Threads of the Indus’ – a talk by Seher Mirza.

The creative process and the experience of making is personal to each of us; it generates meaning in different ways. This hybrid research project and social business initiative (S jo) explores the potential of creative agency through hand weave and needlework, and the social relationship created between contemporary and traditional indigenous craft makers. The project works with three rural craft communities in Sindh, Pakistan. The founder of the project and S jo, Seher Mirza, will discuss her journey with the main group of women that led to unique jewellery created from the collaboration of their design and craft skills. This small opportunity of creative expression steered the women’s confidence to transform aspects of their social lives.

Visitors are very welcome to come to our meetings, with no charge for your first visit and then a charge of £5.00 for the next two visits; after that we request that you join the guild. Membership is just £25 per year.