2014 – The Letter C

CHAIR’S CHALLENGE 2014 – Is brought to you by the letter C

Members were asked to make a cushion of any size any size: floor, sofa, chair, pin, or even for a dolls house.

It could be any shape they wished, in any fibre or fabric so long as it demonstrated one of our core skills.

One word from each list below was chosen to inspire the creation of the cushion!

List 1: Curved, complex, crossed, celestial, column, cluster, combination,

List 2: Colourful, contemporary, cool, Christmas, classic, clerical, coast.

The display of the challenge entries took place at our Christmas meeting on Saturday 13th December 2014.

Well when you look at the photo’s all the stops were pulled out. The two words used by most members was COMBINATION and COLOURFUL.  Even one of our new members, new to any of our core skills, crafted a cushion from her first spinning and dyeing, how inspirational. In fact all are individual and inspirational, just so many ideas. It is amazing how a challenge will inspire one!










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