Colour Fibre Cloth Exhibition December 2011

December 2011 Exhibition

December 2011 Exhibition

I hope people will agree with me when I say what a wonderful show of skill and talent the Guild put on in the Colour Fibre Cloth exhibition at the December meeting.

We had three sections for people to enter: The Results Show, The Journey and Disaster Darling and all three were full. It was so nice to see what others thought were disasters; whether they were items that hadn’t worked out, dyeing experiments that, somehow had not gone the way they were intended or stitch and pattern samples that had failed.

There were some lovely items in The Journey section; unfinished bags, samples and sketchbooks, yarn and samples of spinning and The Results Show was a wonder to behold; beautiful jumpers, hats, socks, gloves, some stunning lace collars and braided dog leads, cushions and a tiny teddy. This all helped us celebrate the richness of diversity the guild members’ show.

After lunch we were treated to a catwalk show with a difference. A small photo book of this Colour Fibre Cloth exhibition will be available to see shortly.

Jackie Green